Andrew W.K. is Weird

Yesterday I was feeling pretty shitty. All this year I’ve been doing especially shitty at mahjong, continuing the streak from last year. Then, before the ranked matches started last night, I got a phone call regarding a medical emergency for an immediate family member. TLDR, the rest of my night was pretty shitty. I got home feeling shitty, and woke up feeling shitty. Then I saw an “On This Day” post on Facebook from 2014.

This surprisingly deep advice from the Party God (not actually that surprising, he posts inspirational stuff all the time) helped put me back into a positive mental state. Thanks, Andrew W.K.

In other news, every day at work seems to be cooler than the last. I got the green light to go ahead on a special project, which will be announced after it’s finished, and today my job is to setup the studio for a video we’re shooting. Getting my hands on thousands of dollars of professional video equipment is not the worst job I’ve had.

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