Gym Battle Episode 2

Today’s trip to the gym was a little different than yesterday. The game felt a lot more grindy than it did yesterday which meant I was a lot more distracted by 2 Broke Girls on the gym’s TVs, which in turn made the game slower and less interesting. However, I did push through to Professor Sycamore’s lab, beating him in a battle, and receiving my second starter, Bulbasaur. Despite cycling for about the same time as yesterday I burned more calories and cycled further as well (stats below). I’m starting to think that, rather than major battles being my checkpoints, I should maybe start to look at milestones in the game. Maybe making my way through a cave system or arriving in a new city.

Oh. And apparently I can’t go the whole two hours anyway since my gym only validates parking for 2 hours. So 90 minutes it is.

Time: 90 minutes (187 minutes)
325 (615)
15 miles (24.5 miles)
Badges: (1)
New Pokemon:
8 (30)

*Totals are in parenthesis.

Gym Battle Episode 1

My last job was at a car dealership taking photos and creating ad copy for their online advertising. This meant I was outside for six or seven hours each day, running from one end of the massive property to the other, climbing into and around all sizes of cars, trucks, and SUVs. I would also take the bus to work which added even more walking. Before that I had a typical desk job but frequented the gym that was across the street from where I worked. All this to say that, while not ripped, I’ve typically been active and somewhat fit. At my current job there’s been a lot more sitting and the only lifting I’ve been doing is the gallons of water it takes to refill my computer (I’ll do a separate post about that soon). I’ve gotten a little soft around the edges. In college you’d call it the Freshman 15 but at my work they often call it the Microsoft 20. I’m a little over six feet tall and at my peak fitness I was about 165 pounds. Now I’m 186 and none of that gain is muscle. It’s time for some of it to go.

I was largely inspired by Rooster Teeth co-founder Burnie Burns‘ system of keeping in shape; walking on a treadmill while gaming. During a Reddit AMA he answered a few questions about his weightloss.

I put a treadmill facing a wall, hung a TV on the wall and walked (slowly) while playing games.
Longest so far was ACIV, I walked 232 miles.
During my 60lb weight loss, my longest was when I walked 137 miles playing Fallout 3.

Don’t play FPS games. I almost crippled myself playing Halo once. I instinctively walked left when turning left and stepped off a moving treadmill.

I don’t have a treadmill but I do have a dusty gym membership. I’m not sure where I got the idea but I decided on erasing my save on Pokemon Y and challenging myself to get on a treadmill or cycling machine and not get off until I’ve beaten the next gym leader. I wasn’t sure if this was even possible since I doubt the game can be completed in 9 hours, counting the Elite Four and the Champion as a single gym encounter. So probably saying either beating the next gym leader or not leaving until I’ve walked/cycled for two hours. It sounds grueling and I’m sure it might be. I started this experiment yesterday and cycled for about 95 minutes, burning nearly 300 calories in the process. Hopefully my 3DS and I survive.

After each session I’m going to post some stats because, aside from being fun and interesting, they should also help track my progress and keep me motivated. Here’s yesterday’s.

Time: 97 minutes
Calories: 290
Cycled: 9.5 miles
Badges: 1
New Pokemon: 22