Insane Game Prices at Half Price Books

Classic and retro game prices are on the rise. $30 for Pokemon Red and Blue is pretty normal despite being 20 years old and selling over 45 million copies. Super Mario World? $20-25 despite being the pack-in game for the Super Nintendo. It’s no wonder gamers want to know where they can get the best prices for (legitimate) games. Without fail, whenever I hear feedback from friends or YouTubers about where to find cheap games, I always hear Half Price Books come up. It’s not much of a surprise; Half Price Books sells more than just books and many items can be found for an incredible bargain. Just yesterday I paid about $12 for a handful of laserdisc movies, including Blazing Saddles and a sealed copy of The Birdcage (yes, I’m secretly an old man).

Last year I stopped by my local Half Price Books to see what all the noise was about. There were a few rows of modern and last-gen games, but most of it was the kind of stuff you probably don’t want to buy and prices that reinforce that feeling. All of the good stuff was, of course, behind lock and key. I was pretty outraged by the prices, went home, and quickly forgot about it. I happened to be nearby and decided to see if anything had changed.


Let’s start with the elephant in the cupboard, the $150 Xbox 360. I need to say that again, slowly. One-hundred fifty dollar Xbox 360. I can’t even begin to wonder where they got a price like that or how long it’s been sitting in there. You can walk into a GameStop and purchase a Halo limited edition Xbox 360, Modern Warfare limited edition Xbox 360, and a generic white Xbox 360 that comes bundled with Battlefield, Modern Warfare, and Assassin’s Creed, all with cables, controllers, and warranty, for the same price as this one console. I’m just… beyond words.

Then there’s $50 for a PlayStation 2, $40 for a Wii, $100 for a Kinect (which are available en mass from GameStop for $20-25 depending on if it’s the original or S version)… I’ve been tempted to ask someone if these prices are accurate but I also have no intention of buying them, so I haven’t bothered.


Then there are the games themselves. $20 for Tetris? One of the best-selling games of all time? $25 for Super Mario Bros. 3? $75 for Legend of Zelda and Super Mario World?! No, no no no no no. No. Even Hogan’s Alley is 2-5 times as expensive as the current eBay Buy-It-Now prices.

Maybe this is just the result of a rogue employee trying to get every penny possible out of game trade-ins, or maybe someone was looking up complete-in-box pricing when coming up with these prices. Who knows. If anyone has had similar or different experiences at their local Half Price Books I’d love to hear about it.

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