Portland Whatever Swap Meet

I had planned to drive down to the retro gaming swap meet in Portland, OR last year for my birthday, but for whatever reasons I ended up staying home. This year, the girlfriend and I managed to get up early enough to drive down and get there shortly after the doors opened.

Usually, when I go down to PDX for retro gaming stuff, I end up bringing back a full backpack with a few hundred bucks worth of consoles, games, and accessories. For this trip I only ended up spending under $50. I’ll post a “haul” video later, but the coolest thing I picked up was a Honey Bee adapter, which lets you cram Famicom games into my NES. Unfortunately, the edge connector that I just replaced a few months ago is, and continues to be, a piece of hot garbage. After clipping one of the pins on my NES’s lockout chip I had better luck getting my games (even the US ones) booting, but holy shit I need to put a Blinking Light Win in there.

Anyway, I’m planning on doing a showcase/review of the Honey Bee, because it’s rad. Hopefully, by the time I do that, I can also get a “blackbox” NES cart that has the official Nintendo pin adapter in it.

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