Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour

Resident Evil isn’t a game I ever paid much attention to. It seemed neat, but I just never had access to it as a kid. For whatever reason, I was really excited to try the demo at PAX this year, but it was by appointment only and it was always booked up for the whole day. The last day of PAX my friend and I decided to get there well before doors opened to try to secure our spot. 4 minutes after the doors opened we finally got to the booth, only to be told that all the appointments had been filled and we would have to wait in the stand-by line, hoping for no-shows.

Needless to say, I didn’t stick around.

Since then I hadn’t given the game much thought outside of the occasional promotional video, but when I saw the demo listed on my Xbox One dashboard I was really interested to see if it was, indeed, a scary game.

The answer is yes, yes it is scary. Penny Arcade coined the term “fear shitting”, which I would also use to describe this game (though they were playing using PSVR). It’s not something I want to explain too much because it really deserves to be experienced with no preconceptions and no biases. It’s truly an amazing experience with lots of replay value.

That said, if you really don’t want to play it yourself, here’s a playthough of the game with no unnecessary items collected or rooms explored with the ‘bad ending’. This way you can experience what the game is like without ruining the exploration and puzzle-solving elements.

If you’ve already played through the game and discovered the various endings, here’s a speed run where I complete the game and achieve the ‘true ending’ in only three minutes. As an added bonus I even talk you through it while I play!

Anyway, RE7 looks to be a great game and I’ll definitely be doing a let’s play series when it comes out in the beginning of next year.

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